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She shouldn't have been surprised when Rachael pulled a gun and started firing on her. It was two for two now; why should be surprised that yet another easy target grew teeth? It was all she could do to scramble backwards to a nearby tree and catch her breath. Heart pounding, sweat dripping across her brow, a thousand plans rattling at once. She could wait her out in the trees. Rachael had stopped firing once she'd dropped out of sight. After some waiting she might panic and try to run, and then Katarina could catch her. Who knew how long that would be, though? She could try to scare her out by shooting up her tree, but given how much spine she'd pulled from nowhere that felt like a dead end too. Kat was probably faster than Rachael, though. In a rush, she might be able to hook around and...
I can't die
I can't die not now I don't want to be remembered like this
I have to keep going
It's a marathon, not a sprint.
I have to win
She was getting tunnel vision. Rachael wasn't the real problem here. She'd been a convenient, easy target, and if that wasn't the case anymore then she didn't need to waste anymore energy here. All of her resources were limited and she needed to start spending them more wisely. The problem was how to escape without getting shot. Rachael would die eventually, one way or another, and she liked her own odds better than hers.
Stop saying her name
Katarina was faster. In a rush, she could do more than try to hook around and surprise her. If she broke into a dead run she could catch her bag and haul through the woods. Once she was far enough away she could regroup and get a more accurate sense of her resources. Stupid mistakes, but she could recover. That's what she did.
Yes. Mistakes. Mistakes don't have names or faces or weapons.
With a deep breath in, Katarina tore out from behind her tree and scooped her bag up in a dead run the opposite way she came.
Into the quiet.
((Katarina Konipaski's next target acquired.))
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