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Rachael bit back a sob, a violent bite that tore a bloody gash in her lower lip. At least two of her fingers felt, looked like they had melted off the bone. Her stomach demanded in churning Morse that she take a second to keel over and puke. She didn't do that, rather, she ran and

someone was shooting at her

She flew forward, each foot simultaneously too far ahead of the other foot, her vision was stars and prints and the rushing and hurtling of earth closer to embracing the bridge of her nose. Somehow through sheer pained efforts of her core she forced herself to stay up, scrabbling hands managing to drag her bag alongside even as things tumbled out of the yawning zipper and scattered over the ground in her wingless flight.

run have to run

she barely dodged the cracking of own her skull onto the bark
grass guns
bullets it hurts it hurts

Rachael felt the throb of the ankle she'd twisted whenever centuries ago threatening to betray her.

it hurts
explosions of bark shrapnel, clouds of wooden shards as bullets ripped through the trees like they would her own pasty squishy mealy body
i'm going to

She found shelter behind a tree, a quivering pile of rags and flesh trembling with each breath
and she closed her hand around her gun and it was heavy why was it so heavy this time why did it threaten to fall out of her hands and take her crumbling wrist away with it

So she whipped around the blind spot of the tree trunk the moment there was no sound, none of her enemy's gun yelling at her, and she responded in kind, in curt monosyllables, the gun viciously ricocheting off the meat of her thumb with each moment of time she held down the trigger and she screaming mutely, the empty echo in her own head now the spitting of molten lead of a cold temper fury that wasn't her own.
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