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The cold metal got closer and closer as she shivered below, until the barrel was pressed against the girl's head with nowhere to escape. All she would do is shiver in place without resistance. It almost made Katarina feel bad, but if she wasn't going to put up a fight there was no reason to risk it. But then she whined. She whined and something human in her flinched. Her finger didn't find the trigger again, not before an unexpected fist swung up and caught her in the jaw.
Too close
As she tumbled backwards, one thought cut up above the pain: this wasn't right. Three times she'd faced down wilting flowers too dull to understand what was happening to them, and three they'd surprised her with a well of violence from somewhere deep inside of them. Could anyone fight back? Were they all going to resist what even they seemed to acknowledge as an inevitable conclusion?
Can't let them get close can't let them get close can't let them get close
And if even they could find the instinct to fight, what did it say about her that she kept hesitating?
Don't let them in
Why couldn't she kill them?
She hit the ground with a snarl, still dizzy from the hit, but she wouldn't allow herself anymore stalling. Olive metal swung in a wide arc as she squeezed down tight on the trigger, sending bullets spraying across the forest floor without any aim or intent beyond the fact that Rachael was somewhere in that direction and she was going to die. She could die here, or she could die elsewhere. KK could kill her or something else could. But she would die, because only one of them could go home.
I won't die for you
And it wouldn't be Rachael. Because this time Katarina wouldn't hesitate.
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