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The gun jumped wide against her shoulder and left her wincing in pain. She hadn't planned for the shock lacing up her arm; beginner's fumbling. Katarina would learn. Better to make mistakes with someone like this who couldn't fight back than in an actual fight.
What if she had shot back
It was a chilling thought. But it was necessary. If she wanted to survive, there wouldn't be any room for sentiment or regret. She played through the pain and stalked forward, trying to get a better angle on her next victim. The cowering girl was giving her plenty of time to approach slow. Pace herself and make sure she did it right this time. There wouldn't be any need for a second shot if she got close enough.
I have to see I have to know

I don't want to die
Stupid question. So very stupid. If you had to ask it, there wasn't any answer that would satisfy you. KK didn't dignify it with a response, and she didn't pull the trigger again. Her shadow loomed over the prone girl and her bag as she leaned in, drawing the barrel of the gun closer and closer to her forehead with a quiet "Shhhhh..."
It's better for you this way
Mercy. That was one way of thinking about it when they asked her why she'd done it. Someone like this didn't belong here. Katarina would send her home quickly and painlessly and after they saw what happened to those that weren't so lucky her loved ones would thank her for it. As long as she stayed paralyzed, there was no way she would miss this time.
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