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((Don't let her see you.))
No more
It hurt. The sensation wasn't unexpected, just the magnitude. KK was used to feeling the exhaustion wash over her after the adrenaline wore off, but in the blur of the lighthouse it was hard to remember she'd even gotten shot. Was it one of her own bullets, or had it been Irene? She hadn't stuck around long enough to see what kind of gun it was hanging out of her bag, and her ears were still ringing from her own shots. One could have slipped out without her realizing it.
They would have killed you you know better
Irene, then. She would remember that, assuming someone else didn't get to her first.
No it's so much easier to forget just forget just forget just forget
For now, though, Irene, Alice, and Eris weren't on her mind. Neither were her now bandaged wounds. What had her attention right now was the figure kneeling in the dirt between the trees. A thin girl with long, braided brown hair and a green blouse with a bag beside her. It looked like she was alone.
I don't see her
I don't have to do this
Katarina brought the gun up to her shoulder and stared down its length into her back.
It's not too late
But she's already dead
Her finger tightened around the trigger.
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