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Amanda's time pre-shower probably wasn't interesting enough to tell Jason outside of the crib notes. Part of him wanted to know who she saw fighting, but he didn't really care, to be perfectly honest. There was always the chance they had a pretty sweet weapon he could track down and take for himself, but what were the odds of that? Pretty low.

"Nah, I'm fine. Got knocked down a bit but nothing serious. You should see the other guy."

Jason felt his nerves get the better of him at the end of that sentence.

"I mean, he's fine, I guess, I didn't kill him. Or really even hurt him. He just...yeah."

As he finished, he wandered backwards, facing the sinks at the wall. Sliding the bag and sword from his shoulder, he sat himself down on the dirty cement floor, under the sinks and facing his friend. He'd kept himself going most of the day through willpower and adrenaline, like fielding after an all-nighter, and he needed a moment's reprieve. Just a moment.
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