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OK, so, basically, no one knew anything. Good talk.

Well, then, just an extra challenge that Badass Johnny would have no problem conquering. No biggie. Although, to be honest, the detective stuff was something more up Daniel's alley. Looking at the details, figuring out their plan of entry and exit, basically thinking up all the possible ways they could avoid getting murdered. Johnny's thing was more about swimming across rivers, vanquishing their foe, actually avoiding getting murdered. But, he wasn't here. Two halves separated from each other. Probably across the island. Hopefully in a similar situation, with two swell allies who weren't up to murdering shenanigans and whatnot.


He shook his head. Daniel would be fine. Like, he just said, or thought, really, Daniel knew his stuff. He could definitely manage a few days without Badass Johnny, and vice versa.

And he had more immediate matters to attend to. Like the gunshots that only Badass Johnny heard. You know, you'd think that gunshots would attract more attention, be more memorable. But apparently not. Ah, one of the many mysteries this island held.

Both Roy and Dan were down for checking out the mess hall, which was great, but hiding out? Doing nothing? He knew this island had many anomalies, what with friends shooting each other and silent gunshots and all, but he couldn't recall many battles where doing nothing proved to be the right choice. But, maybe he was being too skittish about this. Too reckless. They did just wake up, and they did need to think of a game plan. Just rushing into battle would get him killed, and that would probably be the worst story ever told. That's a tragedy if he ever heard of one, the sidekick warrior dead before even meeting up with the tactician. Plus, the gunshots. Someone might still be inside, either bleeding or waiting.

God, he had to hurry.

He faced Dan. "Heh, yeah. Same here." Then, he looked at Roy. "And, regarding this place," he said as he gestured towards the mess hall, "well, I haven't heard anything for a while, and I've been at the entrance, so probably. Still, we better make sure." And with that, he walked inside.
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