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((Female Student #32: Sarah Miller: RE-START))

This sucked. Mr. Dolph was dead - which she had to witness, and now she had to fight to the death while Lo-jacked. The book she had was useless - no protection, and Lovecraft was not known for his inspirational material. She'd woken up nearby about fifteen minutes prior, and she was just peachy. All she had to do was kill everyone. Who cared about the moral or technical quandaries of exactly how and if she was supposed to do so?

So here she was, asking the hard questions?

Will I be able to kill someone if I had to?

Would I be able to stomach it if I could?

Why did I let Mom and Dad convince me to wear a swimsuit as underwear?

Sarah just huffed as she fiddled around with the bandana around her neck. It had been a whim when she put it on, but now it seemed like a godsend - it didn't actually remove or deactivate the collar, but it did cover it, which kinda helped her keep her head from blowing off if, no, when she got pissed.

Am I fucked? Yeah, pretty likely.
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Female Student #32: Sarah Miller Status: ACTIVE; Weapon: The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft Hardback Edition

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