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It was a relief that Dan had come across guys who weren't bad at all. Roy the football player who bragged a lot, although really, who didn't brag a bit when they were good at something. And then there was Johnny with the face who managed to be pretty cool despite it.

Dan walked closer to where he could see the other guy's faces. These guys wouldn't hurt him. His legs were tense and he paced while they talked. He didn't want to sit still right now even if holing up and just waiting was probably the smartest choice. Those assholes had knocked him out for how long? Nah, he had to at least walk.

And that's when Johnny said it. The gunshots had been there. Dan had probably gone the other way if he had realized that. "Uhh." He was dumbfounded. Why would Johnny come there if he knew the gunshots had been there? Was he trying to be, well, trying to be some sort of badass?

"You're the first guys I've seen. Good luck huh?" Hopefully good luck, assuming Johnny's plan wasn't to run towards any and all gunfire. Roy had the right idea, hide out and wait. It wasn't heroic, but heroism was best left to the professionals. If someone tried to rob the clerk at a gas station Dan wouldn't start a fight there either.

"Sounds like a good deal to me, Roy."

Someone had to speak up to support reason in case Johnny had other ideas.
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