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Amanda nibbled on her lips for a moment. Jason had asked what she had done so far - aside from the thing with the showers. But aside from the thing with the showers, she really hadn't done anything meaningful thus far. Still, she tried to come up with something. In fact, she was thinking so hard about Jason's question she forgot for a moment that he had mentioned something different.

Then, the words 'I' and 'mugged' entered her mind again. And slowly, but surely, Amanda put them into the proper context.

She nibbled even harder on her lips.

"Nothing much." She answered truthfully. Oh, aside from "well, I did see two people fighting which was crazy I guess."

Amanda had a bit of trouble thinking how she should approach the topic of her friend - one of the few her age - mugging someone. She settled on something natural.

"..are you injured?"
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