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If Amanda was up to anything before she put clothes on, Jason wasn't paying attention. It was for the sake of his sanity that he wasn't going to start thinking of his best friend that way. Considering she was the one piece of normalcy he had left right now, even though she was acting less than normal, it was the right decision in Jason's mind. He could get laid once he left the island, if he even wanted to.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Amanda return with clothing on. He faced his friend again. For a moment, he thought he could reclaim the normalcy, shoot the shit like they always did in between sets or hanging out at her place. Of course, she had to ask why he looked worse for wear. Jason could have lied about the patches of dirt still coating his navy jacket and pants, or the sword protruding from his bag awkwardly. He could have made something up about getting jumped earlier, and how he had to fight the attacker off.

But he probably would have had to lie, and Jason wasn't any good at that. There was a reason (among many) he wasn't part of the debate team, and that fact was high up the list. So right now, he kind of had to hope.

"Oh. Well, I guess I tried to mug someone. Friend of theirs tried to fight me off. Then I ran. Now I'm here."

He paused.

"That's me, I guess. Besides the shower, what've you been up to?"

Hope that Amanda was okay with him doing whatever he had to do and the millions of tiny stops along the way. More for her sake than his.
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