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She had forgotten that she was naked. How one was able to look at the toned and flawless body of hers - with the water gently flowing down every curve, accentuating the feminine forms complimented by years of athleticism - and forget that it was a naked one was truly incomprehensible.

Amanda folded her arms, pressing her own breasts against her body. She nodded softly.

Then, she went for a bag, which she had carefully placed in a corner of the room. After all, it would have been inconvenient to get it wet. She leaned forward, so that she could open the bag and pull her stuff out. As she did so, she shook her bottom, which was pointing in Jason's direction.



Amanda turned around and walked back to Jason. She had dressed herself completely, bar shoes and socks. The danger was too great that she would step into a puddle and soak them wet.

"You look... more ragged than usual. Did something happen?"
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