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To be honest, Maxwell wasn’t entirely sure why he’d wanted to go outside the cabin.

It had been safe in there. Even as person after person came through the door - came into the room - Maxwell didn’t have to worry for his life, Maxwell could have still pretended - even if only for brief moments - as if everything was as it used to be. Now that he was out here, he couldn’t feel the same way. He couldn’t think - even for a moment - that he was safe out here, in the open air. As he heard the gunshots in the distance, as he heard the cracks in the air, he had moved with Brandon. Exploring this island. Trying to see if there were any other buildings like the cabin they had been in.

Hoping every time they turned a corner they didn’t see anybody. No wannabe psychopaths. Nobody with a gun pointed at them.

But for now, they weren’t moving. They were here. The lighthouse in the distance had been a far distance away from where any of the tunnels were, but the two of them had managed well enough in getting here. Honestly, taking the entire group here seemed impractical from the get to - if they couldn’t get here from the tunnels, then wouldn’t it be better to go to the buildings they had seen earlier? - but it was the place that Brandon had decided they should check out first, so off they went. To the place furthest away from where they once were, according to the map.

And admittedly, there was a sense of fear crawling up his back right now.

And admittedly, Maxwell didn’t know why he had made the decision to exit.

But it had been his choice. His idea. If he sent others to do what he needed done, then what did that say about him? Besides, there was no point in being scared. He was here. On this island. There was nothing he could do about that.

And if he were to be the winner of this game, if he were to be the one deemed the fittest, then he couldn’t let emotion rule him. He couldn’t let fear stop him from doing what needed to be done.

It had been his decision.

Now was the time for him to act on it.

He walked forward. Towards the edge of the cliff. Saw the fence in front of him.

Saw the rocks and sea below.

And he knew that if he stepped forward, if he put his weight on it, this fence would not stop him from falling down to the rocks and sea below.

He let that image rule his head, for a few seconds. He let those emotions reign. Let his fears be heard.

And once he did that, once he knew what he had to do, he spoke. Asked a question to the man behind him.

“Baxter, do you think that there are some people here who have already died?”
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