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Oh, shit, it was Johnny! Man, out of everyone in his class he could have bumped into, he was pretty glad it was Johnny. The guy was…

Hmm. Well. Actually.

Roy had some serious opinions about Johnny. Most notably, that he would always be called Johnny, as far as Roy was concerned, and absolutely 100% never Badass Johnny. Listen, it was a cool nickname! One might even venture so far as to say it was badass! Just not when you yourself referred to yourself with that nickname. Like, hey, Roy would have loved to be known as Roy “God of Sex and Football”; it was a fuckin’ great nickname, and one that was completely deserved. But if he went around introducing himself to other people as that, then people would think he was a total big-headed tool.

Point was, nicknames had to be earned, and yelping like your balls hadn’t dropped yet definitely did not earn you the moniker of ‘Badass’.

Still though, all that aside, Roy considered Johnny a friend. He was on the football team and a total bro; friendly and chill and all that. Roy grinned and, with his free arm, returned Johnny’s sturdy pat on the back with a friendly punch on the arm.

Then all of a sudden, it was a crowd. He craned his neck round to look at the newcomer, giving a welcoming nod when he saw it was another friendly face. Dan was another athlete, which made him a-okay in Roy’s book, even if he did play the wrong sports (although Roy was certain he’d ace basketball if he went for it full time).

He nodded again and made a couple of short noises of agreement, before he finally took a look inside the mess hall. It didn’t look too different from the cafeteria back at school, honestly. Just with a lot more dust, and a lot less food. And people. Roy scratched under his bandana. There was something real depressing about the room, the more he looked at it. It was just so fucking empty. So lifeless for a place that was supposed to be filled with chatter and noise.

Then Johnny mentioned gunshots, and Roy’s head snapped round to face him, expression briefly locked in one of utter confusion.


Gunshots? What the fuck, there’d been shooting already? He hadn’t heard shit! He’d woken up right outside this building, how come he hadn-

Oh. Y’know, that was probably what had woken him up. The gunshots. Yeah, they’d probably do that.

Roy ran his fingers through his hair, and tried to regain his composure.

“Uh, gunshots, yeah, uh, no clue. Woke up outside this place; guess that knockout shit must have hit me hard, cause I was way too groggy to come check things out til now.”

Nice, fucking pulled that save out of the bag.

“You think there’s anyone still inside? I mean, good place to hide out in, right?”
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