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Paris went one way and the other guy went the other way. Paris didn't realize he was still in the mindset of instinctively defending himself until there was suddenly something clasped in the palm of his two hands. Heavy, cold, with a bit of a rough sharktooth groove over his palm. Paris was raising the barrel of the gun so it stared down the back of the fleeing figure.

A second passed. Then Paris let the gun fall to one side, supported by his still good arm. He'd gotten too eager for a second there. In the future, pointing guns at people wasn't the way he'd be doing things.

Paris took another minute in silence to catch his breath, alone with stinging pain and the hefty rise and fall of his chest. Then the silence was broken by someone showing up and yelling. Paris wasn't too surprised to see Aria, because he in particular was a pretty feisty dude and such.

"I'm fine," Paris nodded solemnly, drawing up as he let the gun quietly clatter to the ground beside him. He offered a smile, with a bit of gritted teeth because the pain was lowly intense, but genuine besides. "I don't go down so easy... It's a shallow wound, I think." Paris peeled the damaged sleeve of his shirt back to expose the gash, it was a shallow canyon, only skin deep. The blood was already beginning to dry.

Paris had dripped blood as he'd backed off. He'd ruined the ground and one of his favorite shirts, a Calvin Klein from his previous birthday that now had splotches of blood all down one side. Paris was a bit surprised, he hadn't expected that he'd be injured like this. It was a bit much to think about, and Paris spent a moment in silence, staring at the dull crimson still slowly bubbling and trickling out of his own body.

He remembered Aria.

"That was... Jason, I think." Everyone knew Jason, probably. "He stole Soren's gun, and I guess I've just lost both of them. Hmph. It's not good if we can't track the people who might be dangerous." Paris began to dig casually through his bag once more, back to Aria. There was a first aid kit in there as well, so Paris began to rifle around for bandages and disinfectant.
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