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One by one, the shower heads stopped.

Of course, Amanda knew she only had a few seconds of true bliss, but she still would have longed for more. Being rained on from all sides by water, it had been a sensation she had wanted to experience for so long. To think that she would have finally gained this memory in those circumstances...

Well, in any other situation, her Pa and her Ma would've chided her for wasting all that water. For making such a mess for such a silly thing. And honestly, in any other situation, Amanda would have agreed completely. But now she was thrown into a death game, and she had seen what this meant. She had seen what those classmates did just because they got a weapon and a scar in their head.

The torrent's noise got more silent by each second, and soon enough, the water stopped. And with it, there was a brief silence. A splash or two as Amanda shifted her position, and the sound of water running around the drain. Otherwise, nothing. Even her own breathing seemed to be not there.

Amanda opened her eyes, and looked to the side. To see Jason brought a smile to her face.

Water still went over her body, over every toned muscle and down her pearly skin. There was no towel she could use, so all Amanda had to dry herself was time and air. That, and maybe someone else to rub off. But she wouldn't know if that was a good idea.

Amanda continued to smile at Jason. Her face was wet with water still, and she had to lick the droplets around her lips off before she even dared to speak.


It was the most sincere, the most pure, and the most happy and yet also the most calm 'hello' that Amanda had ever given.

She stepped closer to Jason, until only one's body length separated them.

"Care to try this too?"
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