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((Aria Samuels continued from Sad Tunes))

Aria had stopped running ages ago. It turned out that spending most of his life indoors made him really fucking ill-equipped to do well in a killing game. He was tired, he had no idea where he was going or where he was and he had just had a near-death experience. This island fucking sucked and he knew it was only gonna get worse. For one thing, the place started to reek. Oh god, it smelt like absolute shit. Aria quickly found the source of what the disgusting stench was. Oh, a fucking tar pit. Wonderful.

And wait. What the fuck was happening on the other side? He saw two people fighting, one of them with a fucking sword. Already? Did Danya slip everyone crazy pills before they got to the island? As Aria took a closer look, he realized one of the two figures.


Ok, something had to be fucking wrong. Paris was the last person Aria would ever think about being aggressive. If anything, he was aggressively nice. Aggravatingly so. He'd been one of the only kids who would accept his apologies and was reciprocative towards mending their relations. Granted, Aria found his religiousness annoying and had been dragged out by him more than enough times to feel at least slightly perturbed by him, but he was essentially a good guy. A friendly face in a game surrounded by assholes like Adumbis and crazy girls with guns.

The other kid was running away so Aria ran towards Paris. Shit, why'd the tar pit have to be so big? By the time he reached him, he was exhausted. Still, he was greeted with an ugly sight. Blood. Everywhere.

"Oh my fucking god." Aria let out, his eyes expanding in horror as he started to take the rest of the scenery in. "Are you ok Paris? What the fuck happened? Who was that asshole?"

His mind was whirling from it all. Why was his friend injured? What the fuck was he supposed to do? He stood there paralyzed, completely lost.

Why the fuck was this all happening so quickly?
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