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So. There were a couple possibilities here. One was that this was the island that the terrorists dumped the previous class, and Badass Johnny was just hearing echoes of the past. Ghost teenagers firing their ghost bullets. Spooky.

Another was that the gunfight had simply ended, without anyone taking a hit. Or maybe someone was just playing with their new little toy. Actually, yeah, that seemed more likely. Ghost bullets were stupid. Stupid thought.

And then someone cleared their throat, and Badass Johnny totally did not yelp an octave higher than he would've preferred. Yeah, no, he shouted a nice, low, deep shout in manly shock. Yeah, that's what he did.

He turned and saw Roy. He smiled. This morning wasn't turning out so bad. Well, sure, people were shooting their guns already and they were all on Death Island™, but hey, the Great Big Football Reunion was already underway.

"Hey, man!" He patted Roy on the back with a little more force than usual, to sorta compensate for the high-pitched yelp that totally did not happen. And then, he considered Roy's next statement, and his smile faded a bit because, well, it was true. So, he looked back into the building for a bit, nodded, and said, "Yup. Sure does."

And then a third guy came in, and Johnny bit his tongue to keep himself from not yelping again. Said almost the same thing. Well, not really the same thing, but same sentiment. It echoed. That was the proper literary term, right? Echoed? Or paralleled? God, he was a writer, he should know this stuff. Echoed. Let's just settle for that. That'll work.

So, his statement echoed. He looked behind him and saw Dan Liu. Runner, basketball player, swell guy. And a parallel statement (OK, he knew he settled on 'echoed' earlier, but now that he thought about it, 'parallel' just fit more) deserved a parallel answer. "Yeah, talk about it."

And then he drifted back to the mess hall, and the ghost bullets. What happened? There didn't seem to be any bodies, or anyone screaming for help. Or maybe it was because they couldn't scream for help. Held captive, or too injured to speak. He needed to hurry. Get it on with. Or no, he needed to be careful. Didn't wanna get captured too. That would be an anticlimax. Or a climax too, now that he thought about it. But not one he wanted to get involved with. No, he needed to be cautious. Play it cool.

So, he decided to play detective, tried to figure out what happened. He didn't have the hat or trench coat for it, but he could think like one. And that's what counted.

"So, you guys heard those gunshots? Know what happened here?"
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