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(Enter Dan Liu)

Dan Liu had been awake for a little while. He hadn't woken up anywhere of note, besides it being an island acquired by terrorists for the purpose of killing a group of high schoolers. He'd walked for a bit. Sitting around wouldn't help the situation, and his back felt stiff. He had to walk around.

And those minutes of walking helped him clarify a few things. The first. A few of them were almost definitely going to die. Kids would freak out, and even though he didn't, some of them had guns. He'd heard the gunfire. So he needed to stay away from panicky kids with guns. That would be hard, but no impossible. And then he'd wait. The Navy or the Marines or whoever would show up soon. Terrorists may have been able to get away with kidnapping a class a few years ago when no one was expecting it. But now? Now national security had probably been keeping an eye out and would show up in a couple days. Three tops.

So his first goal with that was to find some shelter, and then he'd wait. It would be boring, but given the circumstances, boring beat the hell out of the other possibility.

The building coming into view as he walked would do.

And some guys that he recognized, but couldn't quite identify from his angle were at the doorway.

"Hell of a morning, am I right?"
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I'm Looking For a Place to Start, But Everything Feels So Different Now · The Mess Hall
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