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Jason only registered Soren's scared face looking back at him when he was knocked to the side by an unexpected force.

Paris. Of course it was. This flashed by in an instant as the two tumbled backwards. As they fell and rolled, Jason felt a force grab at the arm holding his sword and attempt to yank his weapon away. The more they rolled, the stronger and weaker the grip ebbed and flowed, until they came to a stop several feet away, and Jason registered exactly what was going on.

The other boy was on top of him. Holding him down, the force trying to take the sword from him becoming stronger every second. Jason, naturally, reacted.

He grabbed Paris by the collar and yanked his face down to meet the top of his scalp. He heard a crack. His jaw, his nose, whatever, the world was a throb. Paris's hand slipped from his arm.

With the momentary lapse in struggle, Jason regripped the handle of the sword, and swung the blade.

Paris needed to get off of him.

Jason needed to run.
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