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Hey, guess what?

Hey, this, uh…

This fucking sucked, man.


“This fucking sucks!”

Roy leaned against the outside wall of the mess hall, breathed in deeply, and blew air out, in what ended up sounding like a fairly solid imitation of a horse. The ground in front of him was covered in the contents of his bag, which was now lying a few feet away from him, chucked aside in a fit of “holy-fuck-this-is-real-and-I’m-probably-going-to-die” awakening rage. In the scant time since he’d woken up, Roy had already used every single swear word under the sun, kicked the heads off of a few dandelions, and almost broken his other arm by punching the side of the building.

And now that that fit of anger had dissipated, he was left to sit and slump and stare at the belongings he’d be hauling around with him, because he didn’t have a fucking clue how he was supposed to be feeling.

Strangely enough, nobody had ever told him what he was supposed to do when you were abducted by terrorists. School had never handed out books like “What To Do If Your Class Is Kidnapped And Forced To Fucking Murder Each Other (Now with illustrations!)”. Talking to people and surviving school on the popular side of the fence? Easy as pie, you could teach a monkey to do that. Being the best damn halfback that P.J. Hobbes had ever seen? Came as naturally as breathing to Roy. But this? This was alien. This was something that nobody had any idea how to deal with. Everyone was on the same level playing field; neck deep in quicksand and desperately trying to be the first to clamber out.

Roy let out a long, deep sigh, and looked up to the sky, watching the clouds drift lazily by. Man. This really did fucking suck. He’d thought getting his arm broken and cutting all of his seasons short was bad enough. Hell, he’d joked around a few times with his friends about how ‘at least now nothing worse could happen’.

Turns out, Murphy was a dick, and his law could eat an ass, because lo and behold, here he was, up shit ocean without a boat. Ordered to kill or be killed. No escape until only one person remained. This year just kept on kicking his ass like some sort of… perpetual… ass kicking machine.

Wow, fucking sick simile there Roy, they might as well name you best journalist of the year with that.

Roy looked back down at his new belongings. His eyes kept on shifting back to his assigned weapon. Pros: He had been given a gun, which was, y’know, badass. Cons: It looked like a tube of fucking lipstick, which was less badass. Not that there was anything wrong with dudes wearing lipstick, hell, if they could do that and look good in the process then more power to ‘em. Just Roy wasn’t one of those dudes. You got it?


Pros: It really looked like a tube of lipstick. Like, really fucking really. It’d be like taking candy from a ‘Free Samples of Candy’ tray to tell somebody that he’d just been given lipstick as his weapon and for them to believe it. Cons: Well…

He’d been given a gun. That was the biggest con. The sheer bizarre sensation of holding an actual gun in his hand had managed to briefly override his terror and confusion, because, seriously, a gun? A straight up James Bond spy gun? You couldn’t seriously say that wasn’t badass.

It was only when he remembered that the people he’d be shooting would be his classmates that the idea had lost all its lustre.

Roy looked down at his things one last time, before scooping them up as best he could with one arm, and shovelling them back into his bag; all bar the lipstick gun, which went into his pocket. He couldn’t sit around and mope all day – well, he absolutely could, but he was pretty sure that if he was stuck listening to his own thoughts for any longer then he’d go utterly insane. It was high time for him to get up, and go and…


Roy had utterly no idea what to do. There were so many ideas barraging his mind. Should he find people? Try and figure out where the hell they were? Try and find some way to escape this island?

Eventually he settled on just wandering around the mess hall, and seeing where that took him.

It didn’t take long before Roy found something. A person, standing in the doorway of the mess hall, staring inside with their back facing him. Roy strode towards him, clearing his throat so the figure knew he was being approached, before greeting him with the traditional welcome of the citizens of Denton.

“’Sup. This fucking sucks, huh?”
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