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Okay, where the fuck does Trumpet Boy get off? All he did was say that he wasn't totally sure that teaming up was a good idea, but not this asshole is going off on him like he was talking about how he was going to go slit some throats and drink the blood. Now Adonis was starting to get pissed. Like, real pissed, not just kinda annoyed like he was earlier.

"The fuck you goin' on about?" Adonis said, sneering at the accusations levied at him. "When did I say anything about playing? You're the one who brought it up, jackass. I didn't say shit."

Up until this point, he would say that he has done a pretty good job of controlling his temper. Sure, he was kinda grading on a curve, but he hadn't hauled off and punched anyone yet despite having perfectly good reason to, considering the duress that he was under. Trumpet Boy was doing a pretty good job of trying to get him to break that streak, though. Adonis squared up to him, making full use of his size advantage over the other boy.

He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. "Hell, if anyone here was gonna play, I'd bet it was you."

Let's see how you like it, douchebag.

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