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Talk about blowing the wind out of your fucking sails. Aria didn't even have time to drum up some enthusiasm before his entire plan came shattering down around him. He sorta expected Adonis to be a fucking disappointment because when is he not disappointing or aggravating, but the fact that the crying wreck also didn't seem to be on board the "Let's be decent people and not fucking kill each other" train. Was it really that fucking hard to decide not to be a serial killer?

"Look." Aria began, his frustration at the two of them clear in his voice. "This really shouldn't be a fucking hard decision. You either don't play and be a fucking good person, or go off the deep end and become a fucking killer and play the game."

At this point, Aria was just going to assume that they were playing the game. They were hesitating on an idea that should be mindless. No, Aria didn't want to be a stupid puppet on strings that goes around killing people. Even if he wanted to, the oh so beloved Danya gave him a fucking trumpet. How many more reasons did he need to not listen to anything those bastards had to say. But apparently, these two had problems with that. It wouldn't surprise him if one of them suddenly jumped on him. Even the girl who'd been doing nothing but crying ever since she got here.

"If you guys are going to play the fucking game, at least tell me. That way, I know to stay the fuck away from you whenever possible."

Aria was seriously considering just fucking off by this point. He didn't need to be with anyone. He was probably better off alone. These two could crack at any moment and he didn't want to have anything to do with that. Honestly, it might be better off if he did die so that he wasn't stuck here anymore with these retards. I mean, it's fucking stupid playing the game. It's what they want. As soon as everyone started playing the game, they fucking won.

Fuck that.

Fuck that shit to hell.
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