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Up above the island sky, the sun shone. And its rays rained down, continuing to nourish the planet and the people on it. It shined on families waking up to find their houses just a bit more quiet than usual. It shined through windows, illuminating bed sheets crumpled as they were yesterday morning. And above that, above the sky, metal satellites spun around the Earth. And while some of them had people, most of them didn't. And in a few days' time, these soulless metal boxes, thousands and thousands of miles away from anyone and anything, would be bouncing signals from transmitter to computer, signals containing images of kids waking up, crying, shooting, fighting, starting the struggle of their lives.

And that's what mattered right now, these kid-shaped holes in beds, these signals containing images of human strife. And below all this, below the sky, there laid an island. And on the island, in a grassy field, a young man ran, all too aware of what was happening.

And this is where the most important days of his life began.


It began with him running towards the mess hall. Badass Johnny, running towards gunshots.

Well, no. Good starting point, really, great intro to an action novel. Running towards the scene of the crime, sweat glistening on his forehead. Man, that would make a great intro scene. Memorable, too. If he ever got the chance, he'd write something like that. But, no, it really began in a field. Waking up, sun in his eyes, his bedroom looking oddly bright. His bedroom didn't have a blue wall. Unless some thieves came in the night. And painted it blue. Yeah, no, that'd be too weird. And then it hit him. Hit him almost like it did Mr. Dolph.

No. He shouldn't have said that. Or thought it, really. Not the time.

But it hit him. Daniel. Rachel. Panya. Kitty, Brandon, Yaz, everyone on the trip, everyone he knew. Hell, even Adonis. They were here. They were held captive by monsters. And they would die. And they were asking him, asking everyone to do that for them, to kill. And at the thought of that, Johnny put his face in his hands and almost cried.


Because this was Badass Johnny we're talking about here, and Badass Johnny didn't sit here and cry while his friends were dying. No, if he had it his way, no one on this island would be dying. He would make sure of it. They would escape, and join up with the others on their aquarium trip. Yeah. He would save the aquarium trip, and the school administrators would thank him for saving them money. Oh, and probably his classmates' parents for saving their lives and stuff. Yeah, that was important.

So, he got up, because his friends would need it. And also because he couldn't save the entire island on his own. No, Badass Johnny needed allies, lots of them, to fight evil. He looked through his bag, looked to see what weapons the terrorists gave him.

He got a bottle of spray nitrogen. He pushed the trigger, and a bunch of smoke came out.

Well, at the very least, the terrorists made it easy for him to maintain his non-violence. With this weapon, they definitely wouldn't be able to take that from him. Badass Johnny 1, terrorists 0.

He had started to rummage through his personals to see what they'd taken from him when the first gunshots rang out. The game was starting already. People were giving in. And he needed to put a stop to it. Stop the assailants with smoke and words. If there were a mirror, that would help, too.

So, now we're back at the awesome intro scene. Badass Johnny running towards gunshots. They came rather far apart, but he knew they came from the mess hall. So far away, however. Trek of a lifetime, across an endless expanse of grass. There were some more gunshots when he was much closer, but he walked towards the wrong side of the mess hall.

He walked back around, slowly. Inched his way around the walls. He had to make sure not to get killed in the first minutes, after all. What type of hero would that be? Prepared himself for anything. A massacre, blood coating the floor and walls. Two people on the floor, beating the life out each other. His fellow classmate, holding someone hostage. He inched his way, slowly, slowly. He tried to think up of a strategy, but there were too many variables. Too many possibilities. He'd just need to think of something as it came.

And then he got to the entrance, and nothing came. No people. No blood. Nothing.

Badass Johnny stood dumbfounded in the entrance of the mess hall, looking at nothing.
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