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Hold up, that was it? No more crying? That was easier that Adonis thought it would be. He was expecting a whole thing to unfold, but apparently that wasn't the case. He was a little weirded out by the way the girl looked at him, though. The way she just went from freaking out to looking totally flat was just... freaky. Not dangerous, just really weird. Either way, he felt a little twinge in his spine.

Did she really trust them, though? That part seemed to come out of nowhere for him. Literally one minute ago she was screaming and hollering while Adonis yelled at Trumpet Boy for blowing his horn, and now they were all cool? Even weirder, Trumpet boy backed this up and took it even further, saying that they should team up on the basis of... Adonis had no idea, really. Because they were all in the same place, apparently.

The big lug had to take a step back and think about this sudden turn of events. Yeah, forming a team would be good because of safety in numbers and all that good shit, but would just any team really work? Specifically, this team? Yeah, Adonis could totally take care of himself. He didn't even have to doubt that. But these other two... damn, he had his doubts. Who was to say that an hour later things won't go straight back to where they started? He had good reason to be cynical, didn't he?

"Yeah..." His apprehension could be detected in his voice alone. "Yeah, I'm not saying that's not a good idea or anything, but I think I'd have to think on it." He scratched at his hairline. "Not saying I don't trust you guys, but... yeah."

He was pretty sure that he wasn't being a jackass on the topic. This was a totally rational way to approach it, right?

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