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Soren’s head was spinning. He was certain that the revolver was loaded. Of course, it wasn’t like he had looked, but it was a fair assumption to make at the time, right? He was about to stammer out an apology when he noticed a blur of movement in front of him.

It was at that moment, instinct took over. Dropping everything in his hands, Soren made a run for it, weaving precariously among the patches of tar. For better or for worse, the sound of wind rushing by his ears drowned out any sound of the conflict taking place behind him, leaving him with no distractions on his way out.

Unfortunately for Soren, his run came to a halt as his foot met the surface of a smaller pit of tar, obscured by a patch of long grass. His body pitched forward, kicking up a cloud of dust as he hit the ground. He lay there for a moment, dazed, before panic began to set in. He frantically pulled to extricate his foot from the tar, and with some effort, manage to free it.

It was at this moment that he realized that he had left Paris behind. Should he go back to help him? More importantly, what sort of friend would even have to ask that question?

The answers were delivered to him by the rapidly approaching back of a sign reading “Warning! Tar Pits ahead!”

That's right.

He was a coward.

((Soren Rosendahl continued in The Sickness Unto Death))

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