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Ok, things were getting better. Aria was liking this turn of events. Granted, it still fucking sucked that they were in this situation. But he wasn't at risk of dying. That was a great start! He expected it out of the girl who basically was falling apart in front of him. He didn't expect it from Adonis. He thought an asshole like Adonis would jump at the chance of killing some of his classmates. After all, from what he heard, he had a really bad falling out with the football team.

Maybe he should climb over? It wasn't like the piece of the fence he climbed over was far away. Plus he did feel a bit detached from the situation. There was a fence between him and the other two. He also was starting to not enjoy being close to the edge of the cliff. Maybe his survival instincts were finally kicking in.

While Adonis was busy making an idiot of himself, he quickly sidled with his bag a little away from the two, towards the area where the fence had rusted to the point of slightly falling apart. While it hadn't completely collapsed, it had certainly fallen off the top to make a somewhat easy gap he could climb over. He first lifted the bag over, with a little difficulty. Afterward, he started to climb, trying his best to ignore the little digs into his skin from the pieces of fence that decided to jut out. While he wouldn't describe his climb over as elegant, he managed to successfully do it without smashing his face on the floor.

Did she say trust? Aria wasn't ready to say that he completely trusted either of them. Adonis was a well known walking disaster and he had no clue who the fuck this girl was. For all he knew, she could be pulling some elaborate act for a supremely misjudged long con. He wasn't any better either. Was trust even a thing that could be in this game? Danya said only one person could survive in the end. He nervously eyed the cameras that seemed to be omnipresent. The way he saw it, the game was designed to sew mistrust.

"This might sound retarded, but do we have to play this game?" Aria asked the two as he started to think. "I don't want to give the dicks who captured us any satisfaction and honestly, I don't wanna be a fucking murderer either. All these cameras here want to watch us go crazy. But honestly, fuck them. I don't want to play."

Aria's anger burrowed through the more he talked. He felt his words made sense. Why the fuck should he bend his will to what they wanted him to do? They gave him a stupid ass weapon and put him in a fucking awful situation which he probably was going to lose. Why the fuck should he go around and pretend he even had a chance?

"We should just stick together and not kill. Heck, let's be as fucking boring as possible. As soon as we play, they win. They wanted to screw us over since the beginning, so why give them any satisfaction?"

Aria declared this all with a confidence he didn't even think he had. What the hell was this game bringing out of him? He had joined the others at this point and gave them a smile. He had to smile in this situation. He wanted to find a way to fuck these assholes over. Screw the people who took away their lives from them. He wouldn't let them get the satisfaction so long as he lived. If there was a way he could fuck over their game, he'd certainly take it in a heartbeat.
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