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So Trumpet Boy wasn't playing his damn instrument anymore. That was progress. Adonis wasn't really that much happier, since the whole situation was still many different varieties of fucking awful, but at least he wouldn't have to listen to the tortured squawks of mishandled brass anymore. So you know, small steps.

Now the focus of the situation was on the girl, who looked like she was pretty much in complete breakdown mode already. He tried to recall her name, since there was something about her that seemed familiar to him. Uh... was it Ronnie? Renee? Riley? Probably started with an "R", right? Whatever, that wasn't important right now. He had other things to think about, like how to maybe get her to stop flipping out. She makes too much noise, then everyone on the damn island would start showing up, and Adonis didn't like those odds.

Adonis closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. He knew that was supposed to help keep a handle on his anger, but he wasn't too optimistic about his effectiveness. Generally, strong outside influences like, oh, being kidnapped by terrorists had a much stronger effect on him than this kind of self-therapy stuff, but it wasn't like he could really make things worse by trying it out. At the very least, he understood that yelling more probably wouldn't make things better right now.

"Yeah, yeah, we're cool." He said, trying to help calm the situation a little. "It's all good. There's only a couple people right now I'd like to take down anyway."

Wait. Shit. There weren't many worse ways he could have said that. A couple is two and there were two people right in front of him who already weren't his biggest fans. Yeah, he needed to fix that.

"I'm talking about the dickbags who did this to us!" He pleaded, trying to walk back his most recent statement. "Those guys deserve a beating, not you! Serious!"

Way to go, Adonis. Way to go.

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