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Oh God, he was seriously thankful for this stupid fence right now. Adonis was pissed. Aria stepped a little away from the fence, playing a precarious balancing game between the fence and the edge of the cliff. His options were either to stay on this side and risk coming to a premature end by cliff diving or climbing over and risking coming to a premature end due to having the shit beat out of him by a numbskull with a temper tantrum. Neither option was very appealing.

Probably best not to retort. No need to get the dumbass any more fucking pissed than he already was. He looked over at the cliff that looked so inviting before that now was demonstrating the true danger it posed. Maybe the reality of the situation he was in was really starting to kick in. He was going to die. Maybe not here, but definitely at some point. And worst of all, there was nothing he could do about it.

His hands were slightly shaking as he looked towards the other girl. She was a mess, somehow even less fit to play than he was. It seemed that the game that they were stuck in hit her hardest as she was now a blubbering mess. God, it was so pathetic. Aria couldn't help but feel bad for her. He never knew her, probably never wanted to before now, but right now he wanted to do something for her. Make her feel more comfortable and less like a tragedy.

"Look, I know we didn't get off to the best start," Aria began unsurely, sidling across the fence to be closer to the girl. "but I'd rather not die at the moment. Can we not try and fucking kill each other? Do you really want to give those bastards who kidnapped us the satisfaction of succeeding? I sure fucking don't. Sorry if I pissed you off by acting like a dumbass. There, you happy?"

He was trying to use all the things he learned from being bullied to smooth over the situation. Normally that didn't work, but the situation was different. Maybe the idiot would be able to recognise that. Aria didn't notice any meaningful weapons on him, so maybe he got screwed over like he did. That would be hilarious. He managed to eventually reach the crying girl. Now that he was here, though, he didn't really know how to proceed. He'd never really comforted someone before.

"Uhhh hey. Things are gonna be alright. We're not going to try and kill you, ok?"

He guessed that was a start? Maybe mentioning death wasn't the best thing in the world. There was a gap in the fence that Aria used to reach over to the girl and give her a few reassuring pats. He should probably make himself as little a threat as possible.

"I can't hurt anyone, I've got a fucking trumpet. You're gonna be ok."

He wasn't sure this was working. But at least it was better than doing nothing? He hoped? What the hell was he doing?
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