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This entire situation was becoming painfully real.

Before he'd lifted the sword to Soren, it was all just in his head. Robbing him of his things was just a theory, like Arbitrage Pricing. Now it was real. He was really doing this. Jason adjusted his feet, held his stance stronger than before, as Soren burrowed into his pocket to find the gun and hand it over. He seemed scared. Probably appropriately enough, considering the sword at his chest.

"Yoink," Jason snapped, ripping the gun from his hands and shoving it in his own waistband. It felt light. Much lighter than he anticipated. He'd never touched a real gun before, but now seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was also becoming the opportunity to run now - he had what he needed.

Jason turned on his heels slightly, ready to dash off into a getaway, when a sudden thought struck him. He turned his sword back to Soren.

"You know, Soren, I'm pretty sure-" Jason said, keeping one hand to the sword aimed at Soren with his other reaching back to the gun he'd just recieved. He fumbled around single-handedly for a few seconds, a few tense seconds of nobody really saying anything, until the cylinder of the gun popped out, showing six empty chambers.

"-guns are supposed to have bullets that go with them."

He pressed the tip of the sword slightly harder into Soren's chest.

"So I'll be taking those as well."
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