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All right, Trumpet Boy shut up. Adonis' ears were saved. Or at least they would have been if some girl hadn't immediately started crying. Damn, did he just walk into a loudness festival or something? Walking away and just letting things play out without him sounded awfully tempting... but he wasn't going to do that? Why? Because Trumpet Boy yelled back at him. That was basically a challenge, and Adonis couldn't back down after being called out.

"Hold up, you're yelling at me?" He shouted incredulously. "I'm not the one going around making Louis Armstrong cry!" Wait, that was the trumpet guy, right? Eh, whatever. He was on a roll. "If you hadn't been acting like a dumbass, then we wouldn't have a problem, now would we?"

He stalked closer to the fence, glaring back at Trumpet Boy on the other side. He raised a pointed finger, ready to cap off his rant with a scathing retort before realizing that he didn't have one. Lacking an improvisation, he just kept on staring and pointing until it started seeming more weird than threatening. The staredown also had the side effect of allowing the sound of crying to return to his ears, reminding him that there was someone else in the area. He looked around with a look of irritation in search of the source, and visibly recoiled when he found a crumpled girl on the ground emitting the wails.

"Oh shit!"

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