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Aria's first instincts were to bolt up from the floor and move as far away from the edge as possible, only stopping when he could feel the sharp edges of the old fence start digging into his back. Admittedly, that was unexpected. Who the fuck was stupid enough to announce their presence like that? Then again, he was loudly mangling the trumpet, so he probably shouldn't critique the other person's survival instincts. It did still piss him off. Maybe because the voice was such a dick about it.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck? Another loud voice suddenly ripped through the air, this time infinitely more pathetic than the one before. Was he the fucking pied piper for loud people? It certainly seemed like it. He really needed to take stock of the situation. First of all, the voice of obnoxious asshole. Adonis Alba. That certainly explained why someone would do something so retarded and obnoxious. God, of all the fucking idiots he could meet up with first on the island, of course, it was the meathead who had an anger problem that was somehow even worse than his own that lashed out at people. It was as if God found one of the absolute worst people you could start off with on this island and chucked him in his direction. It made him glad that he was on the other side of the fence.

As for the other sound, it was some random chick whom he had never seen before. Or maybe have seen, but never recognized. Whoever she was, she looked absolutely woeful. The game only just started and she already was in crying hysterics. He probably should try and cheer her up, but that would mean going over the fence which also meant leaving him vulnerable to an attack from Adonis. It didn't even matter if the caveman had a weapon. He would just beat the shit out of him until he was a bloody carcass.

"Uhhhhhh are you okay there?" Aria called out from behind the fence, his voice a bit unsteady. At this point, he was starting to cling onto the chain links, even if they did hurt a bit. He'd rather not accidentally tumble backward to his death. That would be fucking tragic. He looked concerned but made no effort to move anywhere close to the girl. Even if she was completely harmless, Aria still felt uneasy about approaching anyone.

"As for you," Aria began shouting, turning his attention to Adonis. "If you promise not to fucking kill me and stop shouting like an idiot, I'll happily stop playing this trumpet!"

He could've chosen his words better, but he was safe behind this fence. At least for the moment. That gave him some sense of security. Still, he felt rather awkward. He was stuck between a living bomb and a basket case. He really wished he could've been anywhere else.
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