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Soren recovered quickly and Paris was glad to see it. There was no time to waste, Paris had to shepherd them on quickly, Soren and the guy nearby if he also wanted to be involved... Jason, that was the name. Some kind of chill dude who didn't talk to many people. Something like that. Paris returned the mental focus to Soren, front and center and random gun and tear-stained face and all.

"No problem," Paris said simply. It was kind of familiar in a way, like this sort of thing had happened before. Sometime in the past when Paris and Soren had just been two guys going to a Denny's or whatever, right after church. Paris was pretty used to being the guy who made the decisions, he realized. He also realized that was going to be coming in handy. There were indeed important decisions to be made, and Paris was essentially the guy who had to make them. There wasn't really anyone else who could be trusted to make them. Either they'd be too something or too something else, like too ignoble or too the other thing.

"Well we've got to remember what we've been taught in life. None of this is really right, you know? We have to trust that this is just a test, or... huh. I dunno..."

Paris couldn't think of the rest, he needed a moment of silence. A moment of silence later Jason was saying something in the periphery of Paris' vision. Paris turned. A raised eyebrow followed, an amused chuckle and nod following.

"Yeah, good thinking Jason. I mean it's better we not need to shoot the guns or anything but, yeah. We should probably all know how to use them... A sword might not be so good for self-defense if we run into anyone with dumb ideas." Paris thought Jason was being kind of aggressive about the whole thing though. Odd sort of timbre and tone to Jason's voice. Wasn't the right time to be waving sharp things around like that and making weirdly violent jokes.

Maybe Jason had something in mind, something bad. But somehow Paris couldn't imagine that was possible. What sort of person would do that sort of thing when Paris had known them to be a good person for so many years of their life, after all. It wouldn't have added up.
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