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Like old times. Soren was a cool guy, humble and respectful and all kinds of important things. Paris didn't want to forget this particular friend for a good while, even when Denton had long become a distant memory. Paris nodded eagerly, leaned in a bit over the piping hot basket of spicy nachos that was suddenly his to devour.

"Whoever we can, yeah. I bet at least a couple of folks are staying over long enough that we'll get back, like, in time to still meet them." Paris took a moment to remember names. He had visions of faces, a lot of faces with a jumbled assortment of disconnected syllables. Paris' head went a bit numb. Kind of like a foot he stood on for too long. Paris moved on. "Or maybe some people who are going to be stuck here for a while, if anyone's like, repeating a grade or whatever."

Paris suddenly laughed a bit, and raised his eyebrows suggestively. "What about the girls? Any pretty faces you're gonna miss?" Paris remembered a few more faces, and a few more disconnected syllables like 'Lett' and 'Min' but they didn't mean anything in isolation. Paris grabbed a handful of chips and began to crunch at them like it was his job. He took pains to keep his fingers clean.
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