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Thankfully, Soren’s wallowing in self-loathing was interrupted by two familiar faces. Paris was definitely a sight for sore eyes, and though he didn’t know Jason all too well, they had talked a couple times. He was part of that wealthy crowd that Paris hung around with. Maybe they would know each other a little better if Soren had actually taken Paris up on all those party invitations over the years, but it was a little too late to change that.

Soren sniffed as he took his friend’s hand, staggering to his feet as he tried with difficulty to regain his composure. It was a good thing Paris was here. He always knew what to do, what to say. To be completely honest, there was nobody else that Soren would have rather seen at this moment. Giving him a hug would be a little too weird, even given the situation, but darned if it wasn’t tempting.

As he stood, he took a quick glance at the revolver in his hand, its weight painfully obvious to him. He frowned before hesitantly shoving it in his pocket. The bulk of the weapon was uncomfortable, even there, but at least he didn’t have to look at it anymore. He would have to get rid of it later.

In any case, he probably should say something to Paris, rather than just staring at him dumbly.

Thanks, man.” The shaky response sounded kind of lame, he knew, but he was honestly sincere about it. Thing were definitely picking up a bit, or at least, Soren didn’t feel quite so lost anymore. Regaining a little more confidence, he continued into the question that he had asked his friend so many times in the past.

“Any idea what to do now?”

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