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((Adonis Alba continued from Fear and Fury))

Even after he finished the arduous process of waking up without access to coffee or toast, Adonis wasn't in a better mood. In fact, he was actually more irritated now that his mind was in good enough shape to fully comprehend his situation beyond the base aspects. Right now he was in the mood to punch a terrorist more than anything, and he felt that he would be justified in doing so. After all, eye for an eye, right?

Realistically, he was probably fucked. He was stuck with his entire cast until all but one of them were dead, and yeah, he was tough, but fighting through his entire class? That was a hell of a tall order. And even if he could do it, he wasn't sure that he could go through with it when the time came. He knew how to fight, and he had even exchanged punches with a few of his classmates before, but actually killing them? That was messed up. He had standards, man.

He started walking along a cliffside, giving himself another nice view of the sea that separated him from the rest of the world that was presumably having a better day than he was. There was even some pieces of a rusted-out fence along the way to remind him that he was stuck in an incredibly shitty prison. He swore that this morning couldn't possibly get any worse.


What the fuck?

Some bizarre sound, like a sick duck trying to yodel, invaded his ears. Adonis might have been able to brush it off had a longer, louder version of the same noise not blared a short time later. What the hell was going on up there? Was someone blowing a foghorn for shits and giggles? Whatever it was, Adonis wasn't going to take it lying down. He braved the noise and kept walking along the cliffside.

It was only a short way up the path that he found the source of his aural misery. Some guy was blowing a horn that just had to be broken. Either that or he was an ungodly horrible musician. Either way, Adonis was going to take care of this the best way he could: his way. He cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted with all the strength his lungs could accumulate.


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