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((Aria Samuels: Start))

It probably wasn't the safest thing for him to do to sit so close to the edge. Granted, being safe wasn't the highest of concerns for him. No, he had more pressing things to deal with. Like coming to terms with everything that just happened. Mr. Dolph was fucking dead and he was in a death game. He'd already checked if it was a dream. Pinching himself numerous times had no effect as he still stubbornly stayed in this nightmare made a reality. He knew it was pointless to cry. Not like it'd do him any good. Not like crying ever did him any good.

He was lucky that the fence had rusted. He probably wouldn't have been able to climb over if it hadn't. Now that he was sat on the edge, everything felt so serene. It was quiet, with only the wind blowing in his ear and the sounds of the crashing waves into the rocks below. It'd be so easy to jump. Just end it all and not have to deal with this stupid game. It wasn't like he was going to win. He got a trumpet. A fucking trumpet. What the fuck was he supposed to do with a trumpet? The organizers must've thought it was sooooo funny to give the weak guy the fucking useless ass piece of shit that was useless in every sense of the term when it came to this game. What the fuck were they thinking? Did they want to screw him over? Play a cruel joke to not even let him pretend he had a chance of victory? God, it was all so fucking stupid!

No, he needed to calm down. Like his mom told him. Take deep breaths. Come on Aria, just do it. He could feel his heart trying to break free from his chest as he closed his eyes. Take long and deep breaths, like mom told you to do. Maybe it was the sound of nature around him that allowed him to regain his breath. In and out. In and out. No one was around. He was alone. That was good. It meant that he could not completely mentally shut down and freak out. That would suck. Especially if it was in front of one of the jocks. Or the cheerleaders in a group. Or any popular person in general. They probably wouldn't hesitate to kill him. They'd probably just laugh at how pathetic he was before he died. It wouldn't surprise him considering how fucking scummy they all were.

Still, the breathing helped, if only a little bit. Aria still hated the situation he was in. It was unfair, it fucking sucked, but he probably should do something about it. He didn't want to die like a pussy. He didn't want to give any of those popular bitches the satisfaction. Still, there wasn't a lot he could do. He had a fucking trumpet. He wasn't a threat at all. At least there was a basic manual about how to play the stupid thing. He might as well learn how to play that. Better than just lugging it around like a piece of trash. He was alone, for now, so it wasn't like he had anything better to do. Plus, it was quite nice where he was.

... waait, what did he have to do with his mouth? Wasn't it just blowing? Why was blowing a fucking trumpet so difficult? If he had anything else to do, he would probably have just chucked the trumpet by this point. But nope. He was gonna sit on this mountain. No way in hell was he moving, especially when that meant he was more likely to be seen by someone. Still, it was so fucking stupid. Why are trumpets designed like this? He already tried a few impotent blows to no avail. Apparently, you have to do a certain mouth technique and make a buzzing sound? His hands were clenched tightly to the trumpet, feeling like they were slowly digging in. Why couldn't he get this stupid thing right? At this point, it was his life's goal to be able to play this stupid thing properly. Get a single note out at the very least. He wanted to show the stupid organizers that he could find a use for the stupid fucking joke weapon they gave him. That'd totally show them.

Aria let out a frustrated yell after a few more blows produced pathetic wimpers of sound. At this point, who cares who sees him? It's not like it made any fucking difference if he got ambushed or not. They could easily kill him because of this stupid fucking trumpet if they had anything resembling a weapon. He bet that all the popular kids got better weapons than he did. It wouldn't surprise him. Not like the world hasn't fucked him over enough already. God fucking hell, why couldn't he play this stupid trumpet? It was music, that was totally his thing! He could feel himself sweating, frowning intensely as he read the instructions again for what seemed to have been the billionth time.

He was gonna play this trumpet.

First blow? No good. Second blow? No dice. In the back of his mind, he was aware that this was just pointless and a distraction from playing the game or something or other. But Aria didn't want to play the game. He might have hated some of his classmates, but never to the point of killing them! He wanted to be on the school trip that was probably gonna suck anyway. At least that sucked in a non-life threatening way. Whatever, he might as well just focus on this trumpet. At least that way he won't accidentally off himself or someone else. That seemed to be a productive use of his time.

A sound came out. It wasn't a pretty sound, in fact, it could be better described as a tuneless wail, but it was a sound nonetheless. Success! He did it! Aria fist pumped and let out a loud holler of excitement. He did it! He found a use for the stupid trumpet! Granted, he wasn't sure if he was able to replicate that technique, but he made a sound! Why the fuck should anything else matter when he made a sound! God yes! He had no idea how it'd come in handy, but he did it! He certainly showed them! Aria chuckled contently to himself, putting the trumpet back to his lips and trying to blow again. After a few seconds of finagling, he finally managed to let out a loud, long note that played out towards the sea. Aria kept blowing as the erratic moans pierced the calm atmosphere without a care in the world.
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