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Soren thanked the waiter profusely as his drink arrived, taking a sip before setting it down on the table. His hand trembling slightly, he scooped another bite of food into his mouth. It was a little better now that he was used to it. Still far from pleasant, but not likely to destroy his taste buds either.

He continued eating as Paris rambled on. Soren didn’t really hang out with the same crowd as his friend, so the names of the others coming along wasn’t really too important to him. In some sense, it was a miracle that they were even friends in the first place. It was honestly a mystery how Paris managed to enjoy hanging out with a boring person like him, though the fact that they were part of the very few active participants in the school’s Christian club probably had a lot to do with it.

That said, the reminder that they were all going to be splitting up after high school hit particularly hard. Soren was heading out of state for college, and most of his friends seemed to be doing the same. The idea that most of them likely weren’t going to see each other again still caused him more than a little anxiety.

“Yeah…” He paused for a moment before licking his lips nervously. “We definitely should. You know, round up all the guys and go see a movie or something? Just like old times.”

Soren was beginning to feel a little queasy, though he didn’t know if it was from the food or the topic of conversation. Most likely the food, though. A slight frown appeared on his face as he took another bite.

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