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Paris checked the menu. One fifty for a glass of milk, huh. Kinda expensive. Poor Soren. Paris and the waiter exchanged some kind of look as he went away again. A knowing look, but Paris wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to be knowing.

He looked back to Soren, and the plate his friend was mostly keeping his hands clear from.

"Yeah!" Paris nodded eagerly and emphatically. "I've seen photos of the de La Almudena, it looks so pristine inside. Like, historical but also pure, like a real house of worship. Hah, waxing a bit too poetic there aren't I?" The waiter returned with Soren's milk. No second Mex Surprise though, not yet. "But yeah, like I get your concern. But, you know, it's pretty important we not just be typical tourists you know? We really have to see the city, all of us... who are going and all." Soren... who else, Maxwell... Lyndi...? People were going, at any rate. Seats occupied beside Paris' own, and conversations to be had about random things, whatever.

Paris nodded to himself. "I am seriously looking forward to this. Like, you're leaving Denton as well right? For college? We should come back after Europe and chill out in Central or something one last time, you know. Before we all move on to the next chapter."
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