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Are you my mummy?
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Milk… Yeah, that would be a good idea. Soren was already in the hole as it was, but if it helped him finish this “surprise”, it would be worth it. He quickly called to the waiter as he walked away from their table.

“Um, sorry about that, but I’d also like to order some milk, if that’s alright.”

If the waiter’s amused chuckle was anything to go by, looks like it was. In the meanwhile, it gave Soren a chance to take a break from the seemingly monumental challenge sitting on the plate in front of him. Chatting with Paris about the trip would take his mind off it for a few minutes, at least.

“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to see some of those. I hear the cathedrals over there are really beautiful. It would be more fun to go without a guide, but I dunno if they’re going to let us just walk around unsupervised…”

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