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Soren said he could do it, cool. He was struggling with each bite and each gulp of water. Paris watched for a second, contemplating, then called a waiter over. He left Soren to deal with his own thing for a second while he ordered the Mex Surprise. A little extra hot. He nodded at the waiter with a polite smile as they walked away.

"Get some milk or something. It'll help wash it all down." Paris nodded sagely at Soren. Soren would just have to call over the waiter or something, take it easy until he could call in the reinforcements. "Wars aren't easily won. Eh, like I would know that." He'd never had the best grades in history, at least, not without asking a couple of others in there for some help. Paris watched Soren for a few more seconds, thinking, then was silent for another few seconds staring elsewhere. The wall and the floor and a few more fries as he chowed down. Huh, he was apparently hungry tonight.

"So itinerary wise there are like, tons of historical churches and stuff in Madrid. I think some sort of tour could be arranged but that's kind of lame. We could cover more ground on foot... and avoid the spicy food, maybe." Paris chuckled warmly.
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