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Yumi graciously accepted the invitation to sit, parking herself in the seat across from Felicia as the rest of the group found their places. She unpacked her lunch, using her paper bag as a plate analogue as she set her meal on the table.

The rest of the table packing around her made her feel uneasy, and she immediately regretted placing herself at the center of the table. She liked having the option to get out of large social situations if she was forced into them, and the seats next to her filling up would make it more difficult for her to leave if things became too uncomfortable. She felt a claustrophobic sensation, and tried to find something else to focus on to ease her thoughts.

Her mind fell to Felicia's notebook. She had just been writing in it, only to shut it as soon as the group formed. It was the most comfortable subject that Yumi could think of, since she was familiar enough with writing to start a conversation with it. She leaned forward a bit to get a better look at the book. She wasn't sure why, since it was already shut, but it had her attention regardless.

"Hey, cool." She said, peaking around her usual medium-low decibel level. "Is that something for sssssss..." Her tongue felt like it was caught in a vise, and she struggled to release it. "S-suh... skuh..." The word was there, but it was trapped in her throat. She felt like nearby eyes were slowly turning to her, and her enthusiasm for her statement drained the longer she wrestled with it. "... School?" She finished, but looked newly self-conscious. There were new people at the table. People that she hadn't talked to before, and she didn't know how they would react to her difficulties in the art of speech.

Yumi put her head down and picked up her toast, retreating into her own little spot at the table.
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