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Soren swallowed nervously as he looked down at the plate in front of him, his stomach churning a bit as he imagined eating more of it. Looks like that hot pepper symbol next to the item’s name on the menu was more than just decoration. What this what Mexican people ate all the time? They must have had stomachs of steel.

In any case, it was too late to back out now. He sighed. Spending the money was one thing, but letting the food go to waste was another. Even putting aside the embarrassment of it all, it just wouldn’t be right. Like, what about all those starving children in Africa? How could Soren just throw perfectly good food in the trash when there were people around the world who would do anything for it.

Steeling himself for the pain he was about to experience, Soren nodded to Paris. “Yeah, I can do it.” He wasn’t really so sure about that, but it wasn’t a lie either. Technically, it would have been more honest for him to say that he would try, but it was too late now. He had committed himself.

He reached down, and grabbed a chip from the plate, thankfully now much cooler than before. His mouth felt uncomfortably dry as he slowly placed the chip inside, chewing it methodically. The burning feeling was back, but at least he was expecting it now. Soren took another big gulp of water before going back to have some more. He kind of wanted to ask Paris more about the trip, but at the moment he was just too distracted to think of anything to say.

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