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And then the entire fucking high school showed up.

Yumi, Clair and Aria appeared from practically nowhere and descended upon the area Yas and Rachael had been standing in. Yaz being as shy as she was hated that the other three had just arrived and sat down around Felicia. It was to be frank a disaster.

Rachael replied to her question with an affirmative which meant they got to venture into the group.


Yaz and groups did not mix. They were like water and oil. She had many problems with groups and most of them started when she was in middle school. Yaz had been late to hit puberty and if someone didn't know her they could have even believed she was still waiting for that particular hormone delivery. But at middle school she had been the smallest girl by far, not that she wasn't the smallest girl at high school as well, it was just that middle school had been a bad time in her life. She was bullied nearly relentlessly for her lack of size and her shy nature made her stay quiet about it, eventually she took to just avoiding groups of her peers altogether rather than risk whatever cruel mockery they had devised. Yaz knew it was stupid that she still maintained that fear of groups when most of the people at her high school were decent people it was still there in her subconscious reminding her of what happened, warning her of a potential danger.

Following Rachael, Yaz looped around the table to find a free space.

"Hey." She offered quietly as she sat down and retrieved her lunch from her bag.

Luckily for Yaz there was a conversation she cared about already in progress, so she decided to quickly slot herself into it to keep her mind off how uncomfortable she was.

"What is it your writing? If you don't mind telling us I guess."
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