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Paris inhaled deeply, distracted. Paris could sniff out the pungent spiciness of the cheese from all the way across the table. He offered a prayer himself, when he saw Soren steeple his hands.

"Whoa, careful." Plate must have been hot or something, for Soren to jerk his hand back like that.

"Hah, it's hot as heck, isn't it? You mind?" Paris took a chip, only modestly slathered with cheese and a couple of chunks of bell pepper and what Paris could only guess was maybe fresh onion. He chewed thoughtfully and swallowed. It tasted better than it smelled, looked like the kitchen had a good batch. Paris continued to ponder getting his own plateful.

"You going to be able to finish it, dude? Could be a fight of epic proportions," Paris laughed.
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