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Paris watched the server walk around. He'd never realized Danielle could also be a guy's name. Not such an attractive one, that particular Danielle. He glanced back and Soren was staring out into space like he'd been punched in the gut, whatever that meant.

Paris almost asked if he was alright but it wasn't needed. Danielle came to take Soren's order.

"The Mex Surprise?" Paris nodded in approval. "Hah, good choice." Paris didn't realize Soren liked spicy food.

"And yeah, exactly!" Paris was pretty enthused. "That's the spirit, dude. Itinerary's flexible, I don't think we even have return tickets booked yet." He'd have to ask Mom about that. "I know our flight is one stopover in Charlotte, then Madrid where we spend... first three days, harsh. Not a lot of time, huh?" Paris pantomimed a hustling motion, shoulders hunched and arms pumping. As he did that Danielle returned with the pile of cheesy pepper and cumin drenched meat and vegetables that was Soren's surprise. Looked pretty decent. Paris finished off a few more fries and contemplated getting some of that other dish for himself.
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