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Hey Cicada, I really like that suggestion/idea. It's a unique character relationship and I'd definitely take it.

Adonis Alba actually exists in this Version of Second Chances. I've spoken to Aura and he's agreed on some history of 'an incident/confrontation' between the two as a callback between them (it's in Kyran's profile), even though the previous thread is not canon in this universe. Perhaps if you'd like, the incidental way, in which Kyran Dean protected Rachael, could be from similar reasons as in the past (some guy who made Rachael very uncomfortable, close enough to where Kyran was that he had to get involved. )

If you'd like, I could actually ask AuraMasterFox, if he's alright with having Adonis Alba himself be that guy again, haha. Just to preserve some of that history and not let it go to waste (like unfortunately happened in V5). A perfect call back to the past. :]
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if you gave me a (second) chance(s V2) I would take it · SC2 Planning/Discussion
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