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Hey Cicada, no worries, I'll take whatever you can give me.

Indeed I have confirmed Felicia/Wendy friendship with Kamikaze. There's nothing with Jasmine as far as I'm aware. I'll take not so close and not so intimate. Works for me.

I also like the proposal you have for Wendy and Paris. I'll take it.

Kyran, is quite private. He actually preferred/prefers to be left alone for the most part, except with close friends. I think he'd chat back in response (albeit in small or one word sentences or shrugs, etc... because breaking the ice with Kyran is super tough) to Paris if he ever talked to him in a friendly manner back then, but he wouldn't actively seek out Paris or pursue a friendship himself.

He'd be observant and will notice Paris around school(s) though, if Paris had some impact, just not approach on his own. Unfortunately, Kyran would keep his guitar hobby to himself rather than share it with most of the people he knows in person. Maybe he'd quietly respect Paris' talent though.

Post Edit: Oh I mentioned the Rachael/Kyran positiveness in my earlier post in this thread as a call back to their v5 pregame thread "Whatever", because that's where he defended her from Adonis Alba's flirtatious advances, haha.
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if you gave me a (second) chance(s V2) I would take it · SC2 Planning/Discussion
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