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Oh hey there! Thanks for the compliment on my tracker, I do always do my best to pour pointless amounts of effort into thing! Alright, so I glanced through both profiles in some detail...

I'm going to leave Rachael mostly out of it? Maybe she casually knows Wendy through others like Felicia and Jasmine (assuming those relationships are in any way confirmed) but not so close or intimate? Nothing to do with either of your characters its just that I'm very comfortable with the small compact size of Rachael's friends group now and I'd rather not further expand it.

Okay, as for Paris! Paris and Wendy could be interesting? Perhaps Paris flirted with Wendy but it kind of went overhead and eventually he lost interest? And now they could just be good friends who are both popular, he's pretty cool with her in his usual 'eh' way and then when she started her quest to be more academically proficient he might occasionally offer aid in the foreign languages and English when he cares enough about her.
Paris might have known Kyran in middle school? They'd have been cool and maybe Paris was one of the dudes Kyran could talk to back during that troubled time in his life. As unreliable was he otherwise was and is he was at least sort of cool. Later on they could share the guitar hobby, actually. Maybe make a few videos/covers together.
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if you gave me a (second) chance(s V2) I would take it · SC2 Planning/Discussion
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