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I'm highly impressed with this extremely detailed and specifically organized/formatted relationship thread, Cicada. I guess I'll copy and paste and maybe you can collaborate with me a form of relation your characters and mine can have? Let me known if you have any ideas.

Got two kids here. Wendy and Kyran.

She's a well liked ditzy cheerleader who tries to be sweet to everyone but can also be very dense at times (dumb blonde rep). She's likely to be friendly with both Rachael and Paris.

Meanwhile Kyran is more reactive. His disposition toward others depends on how the other person behave toward and around Kyran. He's very observant of others as he's quite independent and reserved despite being a key athlete in the school (his dad also happens to be the school's athletic director). More info is in his profile in my sig about his interests and what not. He was also kind of a runt in middle school and was picked on in the past before growth spurt so he'll automatically be cautious of some people. So I guess the way Kyran reacts is based on how you want your kids to act with him. Kyran will probably be quite nice in regards to Rachael though, since she's quiet, inoffensive and keeps to herself. If they ever interact of course, bc Kyran doesn't really approach people either. Paris, not sure about.
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if you gave me a (second) chance(s V2) I would take it · SC2 Planning/Discussion
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